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There Jews continue to follow a traditional way of life.Bukharan Jewry is an ancient community that claims descent from 5th-century exiles from Persia.Bukharan Jews believe that Bukhara is actually Habor (II Kings 17:6), to which the ten tribes were exiled.

However, after the House of Rothschild in Paris, consulted by Zadoc Kahn, offered to back the project with only 8% of the minimum funds requested by Brockaus, the project was abandoned.Jewish musicians play a leading role in the local musical scene, performing both Uzbek folk music and classical central Asian music called shash makom.A Jewish monthly called Shofar is published in Russian Israel Since the middle of the last century, in the Land of Israel, there has been an important Bukharan community that has retained its distinct identity and customs up to the present day.Still, the number of synagogues in Samarkand plummeted from 30 in 1917 to 1 in 1935.At this time, many Jews became factory workers or collective farmers.

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The regional museum, located in what was once a Jewish-owned mansion, still contains the ornate room which served as the family's private synagogue.

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