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As a founder of a technology company and a bit of a data geek, I love my digital life and I believe it’s completely emerged in my real life.

I love the amount of information that I can get about everything at anytime my heart desires.

Falling outside these tracks people become lost and Chicago becomes almost forign.It takes nuances from dating applications (go left/swipe left) and texting “games” that ultimately play a big part in the millennial courting process. technology has evolved and reduced the time it takes to connect with another person.Whether it be for an intimate, social, or professional purposes.People are quick to move on when an issue arises without fear, resulting in an endless string of semi-surface connections and relationships.And when we finally do commit to a relationship, in the back of all our minds, hiding, is the thought that we are missing out on the somone more fit, smarter, better looking, more wealthy, etc…

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